There is lots of new features coming along to Azure Monitor. Without a doubt, having non Azure resources (VMs, containers, databases) being treated as ‘native Azure citizens’ is a great contribution to have one single pane of glass to manage configuration, policy and posture of all your infrastructure resources. Through Azure Arc you can treat those resources with native Azure constraints like Resource-ID, Resource Groups, they can be managed through Azure ARM and Azure Policy can enable definitions for them as any other in Azure. If you are managing cloud posture for your organization, Azure Arc gives you the extension you were looking for to have a consistent and unified view of Azure and non-Azure resources

I was doing some research around Azure Monitor with Azure Arc, as I can now leverage Azure VM Insights & Container Insights to onboard & monitor my non-Azure resources from a common place, I came across the beautiful Network Insights blade within Azure Monitor. If you are a network security SME, you need to see this. One single pane of glass to monitor the health, performance and threat of your Azure network security services (Application Gateway, WAF, Front Door, Azure Firewall, NSG), and the list goes on to monitor your connectivity services like VPN, Express Route, Virtual Hub… all in one single blade

Just looking at each of your services you will get a high level view of the most interesting KPIs

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