You may have tried to convert your vhd of a VM using a Premium storage account into standard. While the process is not possible via the Azure portal once the storage account has been created, I found 2 quick workarounds to achieve this:

Use the AzCopy utility

The idea is to copy the vhd to a different container in a new storage account which uses a standard type. I will use SAS tokens so we can grant the utility to access both containers. Once the AzCopy has finished copying all content, you can add a new disk under the VM disks settings and select an existing blob, which is the one I used to copy the vhds.

I have installed the AzCopy SDK and I will be using the Microsoft Azure Storage tools program

Take this as an example:

AzCopy /Source:”https://<Source Blob Service Endpoint>/vhds?<Source-SAS-Token>” /Dest:”https://<Destination Blob Service Endpoint>/vhds?<Dest-SAS-Token>” /S

My blobs service endpoint looks like: <name-storage-account>

Use the backup utility

While your vhds may be using premium storage, you can restore the VM from a backup, and under restore options you can specify a type of account which can be standard. This will take some time to enable your backup if you don’t have any available and also another extra time for the recovery process

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